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Website Templates: Angels, Animal, Bath and Beauty, Business, Butterfly, Candles, Children, Coffee and Tea, Country, Dance, Dolls, Ethnic, Fairy, Family, Fantasy, Feminine, Floral, Food, Holiday, Homemaking, Kitchen, Lighthouse, Masculine, Nature, Nautical, Patriotic, Religious, Romance, School, Seasonal, Sports, Teddy Bears, Variety, Victorian, Weather, Wedding, Western

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Purchase the Rights to Resell my Templates!

(Get the rights to Resell my Templates)

I am offering my Templates for Resale, for a LIMITED TIME.

I have had people ask me about how they can be able to have a Templates website like mine, well now here is your chance to do just that! If you buy our special CUSTOM TEMPLATES PACKAGE DEAL with approximately 450 Templates then I will sell them as a "package" to you for only $50! You can then resell the Templates individually on your own website over and over again! Or you could do like I do and allow people to use ALL the Templates on your site for a Membership Fee. Like for instance a $25 Fee.


View the Templates:
Country Manor Templates  |  Christian Graphics Templates

These are non-working links, just a Demonstration of the Home Page and one of the Templates Pages of the Templates Store:

Template Store Demo Page 1

Template Store Demo Page 2

The Templates include a variety of categories, such as Angels, Victorian, Business, Children, Nature, Patriotic, etc. There are be approximately 25 or more different categories.

You will have the right immediately upon purchase to be able to resell most of the Templates that are on my two websites, including those on Country Manor Designs and Christian Graphics. Other people who do NOT buy this special package DO NOT have the right to resell my Templates, but you will if you purchase the Package. You will not have ownership of the Templates however. I retain ownership. You do NOT have to put my Logo on the Templates. But you DO however, have to leave the Copyright information and link on each of the Templates pages that I have placed there. Please do not remove that.

In summary, I am offering the Templates on my two websites, which total approximately 450 Templates for only $50! Thats only about 17 cents per Template! You can then resell all of the Templates either on your own website and/or on a CD, at whatever price you want to sell them for.

I will be offering more smaller Packages --In the very near future, Iwill be offering smaller new "Packages" with 10 Templates in each package for $20. These smaller packages will be in Categories such as 10 Angel Templates in a Package for $20 or 10 Victorian Templates in a package for $20 etc. In this way you will be able to purchase these and add them to the Templates that you already have.

NOTE: This does not include the Templates that are in the "Exclusive Sale" section.

Creating a Web Templates "Store" for you to sell the Templates --This is optional, but when you purchase the Templates, you can also purchase from me a Web Templates "Store" for you to sell your new Templates. In other words, you would have a pre-made Website Templates "Store" for you to put online, and on the site, there would be all of your Templates for sale in their own Categories, similar to what I have on my own Templates websites. This "Ready-made Store" would not cost you anything extra! Then you would have EVERYTHING all set up for your new Templates Store, along with a PayPal Shopping Cart so that your Visitors will be able to buy the Templates from you, and you can sell them over and over and over again! Think of the profits you can make over the years! This is a great deal that you cannot afford to pass up!

All that you have to do is change the website addresses on all the pages by substituting with your own website address, and you can easily do that by using your Find/Replace tool in your Html Editor. Also to replace all of the PayPal codes just substitute with your own email address - again, using your Find/Replace tool. If you put all of your html pages into one folder, you can change them all in just a minute or two! Then upload everything to your website. Thats all there is too it! The template pages will already be linked for you and all the thumbnails in place etc. Then edit your main pages to say whatever you want them to say and upload those online. But you do not have to use the Templates Store for selling the Templates, that's all up to you!

NOTE: You will also get this free package of Templates as a gift: Extra Templates Pack (Normally they are for sale but these will be included FREE with your Template Store and Template Package!)

NOTE: Since this is a digital/graphic product, once you make your purchase of either the Template Store and/or the Templates Package, there will be No Refund.

ONE-TIME FULL PAYMENT: Click the PayPal button to BUY the complete Templates Package plus the Template Store NOW for a one-time payment of $50!

TWO PARTIAL PAYMENTS: Click the PayPal button to make a PARTIAL PAYMENT to BUY both the Templates Package and the Templates Store NOW for $50. It will bill you once a month at $25 -a total of two times, until your 2 separate payments have been paid. In other words, you will make 2 payments at $25 each once a month.... totalling $50.

Copyright: Country Manor Designs,  2002

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