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To use this page Template just rename the pages and links according to your own web site. Button titles will of course also have to be renamed to go along with your pages. Just open up the page in your html editor and change what needs changing.

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Because Page Templates are built by using many tables, it is simple to modify how your pages look just by changing the sizes, colors, and other properties of the tables.

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  • a colorful, matching Theme Set

  • 10 page Template with content suggestions on some of the pages.

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News updates or info

If you would rather not have the info boxes you can remove them and substitute with plain text in this right hand area of your page. But they can be used as attention-grabbers! Or you could use them for instructions, telling your visitors something about how to navigate your page.


Additional Info

Use this info box for a little ad, picture or short story. Keep your picture small and your info short and to the point so that it does not go too far down the page. You can change the colors if you'd like.




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