This is my Leopards Set. The html, along with all the buttons and other elements you see here, along with the font are included in the zip file.

The frame and pictures are made of sliced jpg's nested within a table. The various "parts" are included with the Zip File. All you have to do is put your text within the same space that mine is, when you look at the html.

Of course I made some leopard buttons to go along with this set :) ...I hope you like them.

Here are some more buttons to choose from. Just pick out any that you need and disregard those that you don't.

You can use the blank button to create your own buttons if you need others than those here. The font that I used for the buttons was Brock Script size 20. Drop shadow settings were: verticle=1 horizontal=1, opacity=100 blur=0. Drop shadow color was: R=0 G=0 B=0.

The Guestbook graphic is made of  2 pieces, which are included in the Zip File.

Suggested text colors:
Text: R-131   G-109   B-84
Link: R-177   G-148   B-114
VLink: R-108   G-81   B-53
Background: R-0   G-0   B-0

If you're going to use this set, the html is included in the Zip File...

A few bullets to go along with your set:

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