Jungle Tiger

This theme set with mouseover buttons can easily be customized. Send us an email if you would like our help with the banner or button text. There is a "third" button included with a blue line. For your "about" page, for instance, (look at the buttons to the left, for example) you would set the mouseover code so that when people visit the "about" page, they'd see the third about page button with the blue line... letting them know that was the page they were on.

This Set Includes:

bulleta page blank banner graphic, customizable.
bulletSmall Buttons for back and next
bulletTop horizontal buttons
bulletSide vertical buttons
bulletHorizontal divider graphic.
bulletHTML Page.
bulletBackground image.
bulletFont, text color for banner and buttons.

The Membership Fee is only $7.95. Once you pay that initial fee, from then on all the Theme Sets on our site are yours to download! Or you may buy each Set individually.

Please link back to our site if you use the Set. Thanks!

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