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This Set would be great for your business! It is intended you re-use this same page throughout your nine page site, to give uniformity. The header and banner can be customized, there are blank copies in the Zip File.

The Set includes not only purple mouseover buttons (try them), but also additional green buttons, or in other words, a second mouseover button. Here is an example of the third "products" button:

The purpose of these additional buttons is to inform your visitors that they are on that page. For instance, if someone should click on the "products" button, they will go to that page and then the products button will be lighted up green, letting them know they have arrived at that page. Email me for html help, if you need it.

 Blank logo button included.

This Set comes complete with bars and bullets, one navy blue, the other gray:



The Membership Fee is only $7.95. Once you pay that initial fee, from then
on all the Theme Sets on our site are yours to download!

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