Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Terms of Use for the Graphics?

  • Everyone may use our graphics, provided they link back to our website.
  • Please do not alter the graphics. When I say do not alter the graphics, that means the graphics themselves. Of course you can put text on the buttons, headers, banners. And you can change the layout of the templates however would best suit your page. In other words, you can change the arrangement of the buttons and the graphics. Just dont alter the pictures, etc, on the graphics themselves.
  • We do NOT allow reselling of our graphics. Do not claim them as your own. If you are a Web Designer, you can use our Theme Sets in creating websites for others, as long as you provide a link back to our website in a very visible manner.
  • These graphics may not be included in any Postcard Site, CD, or Graphics Collection. DO NOT put these Templates on another website and call them your own either for free or for resale!
  • You dont have to use all the graphics that come with the sets, just whatever ones you need for your pages.

If I am a Web Designer and I purchase a Membership to your site, can I use the Templates to build websites for my clients? and do my clients that I am building a website for still have to pay afterward for each Theme Set?

Yes, you may use the Templates to build websites for your clients. And Yes, your clients still have to purchase whatever Templates you use to build their website with... from me, before using it on their site.

If I become a Country Manor Designs Member do I still have to pay afterward for each Theme Set?

No, once you become a Member you may download every Theme Set on our site at no additional cost. The $7.95 for Membership is a one time fee.

If I am a Web Designer and I want to use your Templates to build websites for my clients, can I display your templates on my site to advertise them? Also, can I resell the Templates?

No, absolutely not. You must direct your clients to come by my website to look at the Templates and you are not allowed to display them on your website. And NO you may not resell my templates in any way.

When I sign up for Membership, how is it that you will send me the Theme Sets?

We will send you a Notification of Membership Email. In this Email, you will be given instructions on how to get to the online address where our Theme Sets Zip Files are located. Once you get to that page, you will find that the Zip File download links are categorized for you, making it easy to find the particular Theme Sets that you want. Just click on each Zip File link to download the Set.

How long will it take till I actually get to use the Graphics?

Almost always, we will Email out the Membership page right away. Occasionally however, it may take 30 minutes or so if we are away from the computer. If you sign up for Membership in the middle of the night, however, you can expect to receive your Membership page first thing in the morning, because of course, we will be asleep until then.

If I need extra button titles for my Theme Sets, will you help me?

Yes we will make additionally titled buttons for you, at no extra cost WITHIN REASON. If you need a large amount of buttons, we will begin to charge you for them. We have not had this happen so far, however, and are usually happy to work to fulfill the needs of our customers.

What kind of Web Design work do you do? Once I become a Member and begin using the Theme Sets, will you design our Website for us?

Please refer to our Web Design page, to find out what kind of work we do. And yes, we would be happy to design a website for you, provided we are not overly busy at the time.

If I become a Member of Country Manor Designs for $7.95 do I automatically also become a Member of your Christian Graphics site too at no extra cost?

No, we are sorry but these are two separate websites. You will have to pay a $7.95 Membership Fee for EACH site.

All sales are final and there will be no refunds...