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We include the Blank Buttons, and Blank Title Graphics along with HTML pages with every set. This Html Help page that you are now reading has some help for setting up your site. There are a few codes for your pages and also some links to websites that have helpful forums and html tips.

You should start by opening up your Theme Set Zip File with the WinZip program. You may download a free trial version of WinZip here: WinZip. After downloading and installing WinZip follow the directions provided for opening your Zip File, remembering what folder you stored the files into.

After unzipping your Zip File into a folder... open up your favorite Html Editor and locate the folder in your program. Then find the Html file or files. It will have the extension .htm after it, and if you use Internet Explorer there will be a blue "e" in front of it. Then you may edit your page by simply replacing my text with yours, adding your images and so on.

For more extensive directions on how to set up your individual pages, you will need to go to a Html Forum of your choice on the Internet. You can also sign up for some free Html courses online. Just go to Google and type in "Free Online Html Course" and see what you can find. Because as I said, I cannot possibly be familiar with all the many HTML editors and programs that people use to create their own sites.

One popular and easy to use Html Editor is CuteHTML. You may download a trial version of this program HERE. Then for publishing your website online you can download a trial version of CuteFTP HERE. However, some Html Editors such as Front Page have a built-in feature which allows you to publish your web page online.

After downloading and opening up your CUTE Html program, Just look to the left on the Navigation Pane and you'll see a little yellow folder where you click to locate the folder that you unzipped everything into. Once you get into that folder look on the left again and you will see probably a file with a little blue e which will be the .htm file for that template... Click that to open it up..

You will then see the html code on your page... just substitute your own text where mine is. And locate whatever pictures you want to put into the page and stick them into the folder too with the template... you can drag the pictures over to the page if you want... or just use the Tools/ Insert Tag/ Image feature. Click on the little blue world image with the magnifying glass to view the template you have made changes to... in your browser (Internet Explorer, or whatever browser you use). Then if you like the changes, save it by clicking on the "Save" icon.. that looks like a little square disk.

It has its own Help link you can click on... for further instructions. And if you use a different Html Editor, basically you would probably do the same thing... but only follow that Editor's own Help instructions.

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