All artwork copyright 2002 Ty Wilson.  This Ty Wilson Set that I have created comes complete with eleven customizable mouseover buttons and a blank banner that you can title yourself or ask us to do it for you.

To modify this page, just delete our sample text and replace with your own. 

There are three of each of the buttons... the white "off" button, the gray "on" button and a third button with a dot. You can set your mouseover code on your pages so that if someone goes to a certain page, the corresponding button for that page will have the button with the dot on it. For instance, since this is the "welcome" page, the welcome button is set on the third button with the dot, to let your viewers know where they are at on your site.

What do I get with my new Theme Set?

There are 11 links at the bottom of this set to correspond with the eleven mouseover buttons, but you can add just as many as you'd like to have. All you have to do is title your various pages at the top with whatever the names of your pages are. If you need help doing this, just ask and we will be happy to help. We can also help with the buttons if you find that you need them to have different titles.

Theme Set by: Country Manor Designs

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