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Full payment is required before we will begin working on your web design.


Most clients will want to make some changes and this is natural. On the other hand, a Web Designer does not want to be stuck in a never-ending spiral of revising pages over and over indefinitely.

It is required the the Client submit to me whatever information that they want to be placed on a page, one page at a time, and they have 5 days to send that information to me. I will then create the page and show them my work online. I put the page onto my own website where no one else can see it except for the Client. All of this will of course be removed from my website space when the website job has been completed.

There will be an addtional 5 days allowed for the Client to submit their feedback and revisions for the page. I then allow changes or revisions this one time, and then we will move on to doing the next page. I will work as fast as you send me the information.

Doing things in this fashion helps us to get the job done efficiently.

Developing Your Web Site

Cost of developing a Website -We charge only $199 to design an entire website for you, including the 'extras' below. The amount of pages is limited to 20, and any additional pages will be $10 each. If, however, you are wanting a very large Site built with many pages, we might consider dropping the price of the extra pages down considerably. For instance, some people want to add alot of Articles to their Site. Or perhaps have many items for sale to add.

Web Site Design -The primary object of a Web Site is to communicate to the world your image and the message you wish to share. Designing a web site has two major elements; the vision you want to project to the world, and the methods we use to accomplish your goals. Throughout the design process, we will consult with you and provide you with progress reports via your web site. During the design cycle, we will keep your web site out of the public view until you direct us to release your web site to the world.
The most important elements in designing a web site are to make it as informative as possible, a warm and friendly experience, and a desire to return for more information.

Domain Name -Sometime during the web design process, we will need to get for you a Domain Name Registration, if you do not already have a Domain Name. This means Your Domain Name is the unique name and address on the World Wide Web for your web site. Unique Domain Names are considered as copyrighted trade names. There may be many similarities in name, but no duplicates; the address on the World Wide Web is yours.
Usually while you are setting up a web site with a web site host, the host will offer to register your domain name for you for an additional fee. There will be a fee for the registration with the registrar, and for the service from the web host.
In the event, you do not have a registered domain name for your web site we can register your domain name for you, recommend alternate names if yours is already in use, and confirm the registration. We will not charge you a fee for this service; the registrar of domain names will send you an invoice for their fee.

Web Hosting -Also, keep in mind that having a great web design is not enough. It is equally important to have a reliable web hosting company that would suit your needs. iPage is a great web hosting company to check out first.
Another Web Hosting site is We can sign you up for an account with GoDaddy, at no charge. But you of course will have to pay for your own Hosting space. We can also upload all of your entire website for you once we are done creating the site, at no extra charge.

Search Engine Registration -One of the most powerful methods for a visitor to find your web site is to use one of the popular "Web Search Engines". These are massive databases connected to the Internet, when a user enters a "Key Word" or "Key Phrase" into the search engine; the search engine returns Hyper Links to all the web sites that match the search.
We will add the keywords to your web pages that correspond with your website so that the search engines can find you, and thus, visitors can find you as well.This will also be done by us, free of charge. When your web site is ready for release to the world, we will register your web site with the major search engines.

Custom Theme Set -If you would like, we can create a free Custom Theme Set for your website, to go along with whatever your site is about. This would include a main picture graphic, buttons, divider, and background tile. Whatever page layouts of the same Theme Set you would need for your site, we can make them for you.

Banner and Logo -You might want to seriously consider having a Website Banner and Logo which can be used both on your own website and as an advertising tool. You can exchange Banners and Logos with other sites if you want to, and add their Banner or Link to your Links page and in turn the other person will add your Banner or Link to their Links page. A free Links page comes automatically with your website at no extra charge.

Page Layouts and Styles -We can create a variety of Page Layouts and Styles for your website, just take a tour around our site and look at the Templates we have, if you want to, and pick out what styles you like then tell us as we go along designing the site at no additional charge. For example, you may want an Entrance Page, a Contact Page or Links Page, and all having different page layouts.

Items for Sale on Shopping Pages -We can add Shopping pages to your website, along with adding a PayPal Shopping Cart at no extra charge. Usually we add about 10 items per page, depending upon how many items you have overall. We can have pop-up pages as well for your items, so that if someone clicks on the thumbnail picture they will see the item in a new window at a much larger size with perhaps a more detailed description.


  1. Guestbook

  2. Email Form

  3. Music

  4. Animated Snow or Sparkle Globe

  5. Cursor Trail

  6. Page Floater

  7. Mouseover Buttons

  8. Adding Photos

  9. Links Jump-down menu

  10. Matching Newsletter

  11. Top of the Page Drop-down Menu

  12. Various Entrance and Exit Page Effects

NOTE: This list is not by any means all-inclusive of what we can do for you but just for giving you an idea of some of the 'extras' that come with your web design!

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