Custom Orders

Let me make a Comfort Kids Doll just for you!

For custom orders:

  • If you are just choosing hair, eye, skin, and clothing colors with no special items required there will not be an extra charge. If you wish expensive fabrics or yarns we can discuss the extra charge for these.
  • Custom orders require 50% down and the balance after you have looked at finished doll and are totally satisfied.
  • I love creating custom order dolls. I will make a handcrafted, one of a kind, unique, Comfort Kids Doll just for you.

Skin Colors | Hair Styles | Hair Colors | Eye Colors | Girl Shoes | Boy Shoes
Girl Clothes Styles | Boy Clothes Styles | Underwear

Custom Order Choices

Please choose the style of doll you would like.

Choose skin color, eye color, hair color, hair style, clothes style, etc.

Doll Styles

Prices are for normal custom order. All prices include postage and insurance for shipping to anywhere in the United States.

  • Toddler $150.00
  • Binky Babies $160.00
  • Wee Ones $145.00
  • Wee Ones Binky Babies $155.00
  • Preemie Puppet Babies $130.00
  • Petite $125.00
  • Toddler with Dolly $260.00
  • Toddler Twins $295.00
  • Life size dolls- priced by size and number of joints on legs and arms
  • Skin Colors

    The six skin colors are shown below in pictures of dolls.
    Click on each picture to get a larger view of doll to see colors better.
    Please note the names on the skin colors reflect the name given by manufacturer.
    This enables me to be sure I am using just the right color fabric for you.

    The colors are:

  • Bark (Dark brown)
  • Toast (warm cinnamon brown)
  • Oatmeal (Medium brown)
  • Camel (Light/medium brown)
  • Tan
  • Flesh (pink/peach)
  • Bark (Dark Brown) Toast (Warm Cinnamon Brown) Oatmeal (Medium Brown)
    Camel (Light/medium Brown) Tan (Light Brown) Flesh (pink/peach)

    Hair Styles

    There are the different Hair Styles available. Let me know your preference. Hair Styles are:

  • Toddler girl two ponytails
  • Toddler girl one ponytail
  • Toddler boy curly, loopy hair
  • Toddler boy straight hair
  • Binky Baby girl two ponytails
  • Binky Baby girl one ponytail
  • Binky Baby boy curly, loopy hair
  • Binky Baby boy straight hair
  • Wee Ones girl one ponytail
  • Wee Ones girl two ponytails
  • Wee Ones boy curly, loopy hair
  • Wee Ones boy straight hair
  • Any style doll knitted hair
  • All dolls can have a knitted wig. Like this Wee Ones Binky Baby girl or this Petite girl.

    Hair Colors

    Let me know the hair color you prefer. Give me the basic color and I will email you with the different yarns I have in that color.

    Hair Colors are:

    • Light brown
    • Medium brown
    • Dark brown
    • Reddish brown
    • Black
    • Blonde
    • Gold
    • Red
    • Tan
    • Any color you prefer other than basic hair colors

    Eye Colors

    Let me know the eye color you prefer. If an eye color you wish is not listed please let me know.
    When you give me a basic color I can send you an email with sample colors for you to choose from.

    Eye Colors are:

    • Light blue
    • Medium blue
    • Dark blue
    • Olive green
    • Emerald green
    • Teal blue/green
    • Light brown
    • Medium brown
    • Dark brown
    • Topaz or amber color
    • Hazel (blue, green, brown)
    • Light lavender
    • Medium lavender
    • Dark lavender
    • Light grey
    • Medium grey
    • Dark grey

    Girl Shoes

    • White baby shoes with ties
    • White baby Mary Jane shoes with velcro buckle
    • Black Mary Jane baby shoes with velcro buckle
    • Black Mary Jane out of suede cloth
    • Brown Mary Jane out of suede cloth
    • Mary Jane of other color suede cloth if I can find your choice of color
    • Any color baby shoe or style (Please indicate in comments)
    • Shoes to match fabric of outfit
    • Hand knit booties

    Boy Shoes

    • Boys tenneis shoes
    • Boys leather shoes
    • Black suede cloth slip on shoes
    • Brown suede cloth slip on shoes
    • Other color suede cloth if I can find your choice
    • Slip on shoe in same fabric as outfit
    • Hand knit booties

    Girl Clothes Styles

    • Dress with high yoke
    • Dress with collar and yoke
    • Dress with wide collar no yoke
    • Dress with collar no yoke>
    • Dress with matching bloomers and shoes
    • Skirt and blouse
    • Pinafore with blouse
    • Fleece long leg/long sleeper sleeper
    • Other ( we can discuss other options)

    Boy Clothes Styles

    • Shirt and shorts
    • Shirt and long pants
    • One piece jumpsuit short legs
    • One piece jumpsuit long legs
    • Fleece long leg/long sleeve sleeper
    • Two piece fleece long sleeve-long leg outfit


    • Boy's knit hand sewn underwear
    • Bought boy underwear
    • Girl handsewn cotton panties
    • Girl handsewn cotton slip
    • Girl bought panties
    • Girl or boy diaper

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