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Theme Sets make your Site beautiful in minutes and easy to design!

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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting Country Manor Designs. We have over 400 Templates and theme sets to offer including such categories as business, floral, victorian, religious, angels, children, patriotic, wedding and more.

We also offer affordable, quality Web Design for only $200.

Take a look at our Web Design Page for more details. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. We would be happy to assist you.

In addition, we have many other FREE graphics on our site:

Seamless background tiles, both patterned and muted
Side-bordered backgrounds for your website pages
Buttons and dividers, along with other web page accents
Animations such as snow globes, page floaters, cursor trails
Calling Cards for Guestbooks, and Email Stationery

Why do you need our Theme Sets and Templates?

Our Theme Sets and other graphics are designed to give your website a more uniform and inviting appearance. We strive to be able to do this at the lowest cost possible for our visitors. If you begin with a "theme" which has a main graphic, matching coordinated buttons, dividers and background tiles, this sets the mood for your visitors.

As an example, look at a one of our Wedding Theme Sets and Victorian Theme Sets. Now if you have a page or a site that revolves around a wedding, having a Wedding Theme on your pages keeps the minds of your Visitors on that topic, as would a Victorian Theme. Not only that but the uniform appearance of your pages gives your viewers a very positive impression. You can make your wedding site personal about your own wedding coming up adding information to alert your guests, such as wedding invitation samples and location details. We strive to create Sets that are unique looking... that do not look like everyone else's on the internet.

Having a Template makes it so much easier to beautify your website in minutes! Your page is pre-made for you and all you have to do is fill in your own information. Web Designers love them because of the ease of use and it also makes it easy for their clients to just simply pick out what design they would like to have on their site. And those who are designing their sites on their own love them because they don't have to pay a web designer to create their website for them, since using these templates is so easy. Convenience, affordable price, and ease of use are three of the many reasons that make purchasing our Theme Sets and Templates a good choice.

If your website needs the flexibility to grow without restrictions and tedious development work, using a theme based CMS like Wordpress is very helpful. You can find video tutorials to help you set up a theme-based website on iPage at set up a theme-based website on iPage at If you are still comparing web hosting companies, Web Hosting Reviews List is a useful resource.

If you prefer to create a more complex website without paying extra, there are web hosting companies like webhostinghub that can provide a premium version. See our review of webhostinghub for more details.
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Our Templates are pre-made and compatible with most web hosting services, all you have to do is fill in your own information.

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